Why become a member?

If you are an individual

If you are an individual and you are actively working on the Right to Information you can become a member of our discussion list. This is where advocates share news of the latest developments, discuss the current right to information issues, technical points, and events in the spirit of confidence and cooperation sharing the goal to advance the right of access to information globally.

The discussion list is open to those working on right to information issues in the NGO, academic, and legal fields. We will consider applications from those working outside these sectors and where in doubt will refer decisions about membership of all types to our steering committee.

If you are an organization

The advantages of being a member organization are:

  • Any member of your organization can join the discussion list by simply writing to the coordinator.
    • We will list you as an organization working actively on Right to Information issues and put a link to your website from the FOIAnet member’s section.
    • You will be able to stand for election and vote in the steering committee elections.
    • We will list your right to know day activities on the website.
    • You can be involved in any future activities of the network which could include joint projects or fundraising.
    • You can request that your organization’s materials are included on the resources page if you consider them to be of general relevance to the Freedom of Information community.

How to become a member

If you are an individual: If you are interested in joining our discussion list please send an e-mail with your name, e-mail address, organization, occupation, and reason for interest to the FOIAnet coordinator.

If you are an organization:

  1. Fill in the form (EN) (ES) and send it to the coordinator.
  2. The coordinator will confirm the receipt of your application and will update you on your application.
  3. Your application will be considered by the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee considers new applications on a quarterly basis. Below is the timetable for the receipt and consideration of new applications.

1st Quarter: Submissions 15th January – 15th March, Decisions 31nd March
2nd Quarter: Submissions 16th March – 15th June, Decisions 30th June
3rd Quarter: Submissions 16th June – 15th September, Decisions 29th September
4th Quarter: Submissions 16th September – 1st December, Decisions 9th December

  1. You can expect a response from the coordinator within a week after the steering committee decision date.

If the committee accepts your application your organization will be added to the website directly. Any members of your organization you wish can join the discussion list.

If the steering committee is unsure of your application you may be asked for more information about your organization or your work on Freedom of Information.

If the steering committee refuses your application the coordinator will report to you the reasons why your application was turned down.