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Documentary – Opportunities and Challenges in Access to Public Information: Experiences in Latin America

Documentary: Opportunities and Challenges in Access to Public Information: Experiences in Latin America


The Role of the Inter-American Human Rights System in the Promotion of the Right to Information

SUMMARY – The Inter-American Human Rights System has played a fundamental role in promoting the right to information in Latin America. This learning material describes the mandate and composition of this system and describes its two main outcomes regarding the right to information: the Model Inter-American Law and the Inter-American Court’s paradigmatic rulings on […]

Where do we stand? The situation of the right to information and transparency in Latin America

Karina Banfi, Executive Secretary of the Alianza Regional para la Libertad de Expresión e Información (Regional Alliance for the Freedom of Expression and Information), talks to us about the need to approve and implement Freedom of Information Acts (FOIAs) to increase transparency and improve accountability in Latin America. She describes the region’s evolution regarding […]

Guide – The Latin American Approach to Transparency and Access to Information

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SUMMARY – By providing greater access to public information and promoting transparency, Latin American countries seek to improve social oversight, inform citizens about government policies and programmes, advance other human rights, reduce corruption and enhance overall accountability. This ELLA Guide analyses various initiatives implemented in the region, as well as the key role played by civil society in the Latin American […]

Practice brief – Using Information for Accountability and Justice

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SUMMARY – Throughout Latin America, civil society organisations (CSOs) are exacting accountability by undertaking independent assessments of the implementation and outcomes of public policies and programmes. To get the information needed for these assessments, CSOs have used the Right to Information guaranteed by Freedom of Information Acts (FOIAs), Constitutions or Court decisions. By conducting these exercises, civil society has highlighted mismanagement and […]

Citizen Assessment of Budget Transparency: Latin American Budget Transparency Index

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SUMMARY – Civil society organisations (CSOs) developed a new benchmarking exercise to assess and compare levels of budget transparency across countries in order to address a specific transparency problem: budget information may be available, but it is not useful. Since 2001, CSOs and academic institutions have implemented the Latin American Budget Transparency Index (Índice Latinomericano de Transparencia Presupuestaria – […]

Policy Brief – Building the Legal Framework to Support Trasparency and Access to Information in Latin America


In the last two decades, Latin American countries – including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Uruguay, among others – have designed and adopted Freedom of Information Acts (FOIAs). These FOIAs have increased transparency of government actions, ensured citizens’ right to request and access public information, and enhanced overall accountability. This Brief […]