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10-10-10 Statement


To mark the 10th anniversary of International Right To Know Day on 28 September 2012, FOIAnet issued this 10-10-10 Statement, setting out the Network’s ten main achievements over the last ten years, its ten main  challenges, and its ten core goals for the next ten years.

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Booklet for tracking Freedom of information requests by communities

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Complex monitoring templates including online systems have been used by civil society groups all over the world to monitor and track the results of Freedom of information requests. However communities often need a simple tool to record what has happened to their Freedom of information requests once sent to government agencies. Methods to track […]

Top 10 things to do in first six months to implement a Freedom of information law

The Access Initiative has come up with a list of top ten actions that governments should consider when they are beginning implementation. This list may also be used as a tool by civil society to monitor government implementation practices.